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Windows Azure Storage Plugin

A plugin for uploading build artifacts to Windows Azure Blob storage.
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This plugin is available in the Jenkins plugin manager.
To install in Jenkins, go to Manage Jenkins | Manage Plugins | Available | Windows Azure Storage | Install.
Then restart Jenkins to complete the installation.


At least one Windows Azure storage account must be configured in the global configuration before the plugin can be used in build steps. To add a storage account, go to Manage Jenkins | Windows Azure Storage and fill out the needed information.

Post-build actions

Upload artifacts to Windows Azure

The `Upload artifacts to Windows Azure` post-build step uploads a build artifact generated by your build to Windows Azure Blob storage.

1. Select the Windows Azure storage account name to use from the dropdown control
2. Enter a name for the container. A new container will be created if it does not exist. Environment variables can also be referenced. For example: ${JOB_NAME}
3. Enter the list of artifacts to upload, following the Ant glob syntax
4. Optionally, specify the common virtual path, under the container, that the artifacts will be placed under. This string (followed by a slash '/' character) will be used to prefix each uploaded artifact's file name, allowing you to form a virtual directory hierarchy. Any combination of characters can be used, but reserved URL characters must be properly escaped. Environment variables can also be referenced. For example: "${BUILD_ID}/${BUILD_NUMBER}/"


Version 0.1.0 March 26, 2013)
- Initial release

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